Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Powerless

When you are powerless in your current situation, work, home, or your relationship, its time to take a stand and make changes for yourself.  You may be constantly asking yourself over and over, "When will I be ready to take that leap?"  The one thing that I realized is that we all have a purpose in life, but I know for me I can't keep allowing myself to be powerless and be in a powerless position.  I know that I need to take some necessary steps in order to be powerful.  I'm tired of people lying, just to hear themselves talk.  I'm tired of people just trying to be relevant, so they lie just to have something to say.  It's shameful because to lie and not gain anything from it, its a waste of time.  Lying to be malicious is dangerous and that tells me that I can't trust you and that I must always watch my back.  I never like to walk on egg shells and I am not a robot or a puppet that you pull the strings and I do what you want me to do.  That will never work, at least for me.  There's a time and place for everything and sometimes you have to know when the ride is over, the thrill is gone.  I am definitely going to try to build a brand for myself and take this writing as far as I can.

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