Monday, March 16, 2015

What's Going On?

The brutal attack by a mob of high school girls on a single yet small-framed girl was uncalled for. The car driving in the urban area of Fort Greene trying to lure young girls is troubling.  As a mother it hurt me to my core to watch them brutally assault that lone student, but I was more flabbergasted to watch as the mob was cheered on by other peers. To see adults in the crowd just watching and no staff of McDonalds' stepping in to intervene was mind-boggling.   To read that a car was trying to lure children in the area that I grew up in was crazy. A lot of my childhood friends still live there with their children and grandchildren.  This never use to happen there. What is going on today with our young people and what's wrong with people still trying to lure other people's  children in their cars?
 Its not easy on the mind.  Just to know that after I separate from my son in the morning to get on the train , he could be attacked by a mob of children and no one would do anything to help him, they would just take out their camera phones and turn the other cheek.   I watched that video several times, not for pleasure but to show my son what could be waiting for him, if he doesn't follow my directions.  I used to be skeptical about allowing him to leave home because of all the sexual predators and other troubles that may be lurking.  This is a double shot, you have to be skeptical for the perverts and the mob of bullies. 

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