Friday, April 10, 2015

Control Freak

Do you work with someone or under someone that is a control freak, that when visitors come into the door, "the control freak" on your job who supposed to be managing the floor and making sure the floor is staffed properly, takes over your job. Sometimes I just want to ask "the control freak", why am I here,  but then I just smile gracefully and say to myself, "if that's what make the "control freak" feel productive, let it go, let it be.  I know this will be something that I will never win.  I keep reminding myself that I must continue to fight and I must push forward.  I have to do better in order to get where I want to be.  I notice when the "control freak" is not in the office, everything goes so smooth.  I know the "control freak" is trying to impress the administrators that are in charge of her, although I'm sure they're laughing at her because most of the time she is "faking it until she makes it", but I still can't understand why do people want their employees to work in a hostile environment.  Beats me.  I can almost bet that the little money I work for that when its time for the "control freak" to be shown the door, its going to be without hesitation.  I try to treat everybody the same, because you can't please everyone, especially when you work in a customer service oriented industry.  I just have to break away and find my true happiness with writing.

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