Friday, April 10, 2015

The Friendship That Ended
About a year or so ago, my mother had called me to say that she was re-establishing her credit, after declaring bankruptcy some years ago.  I remember telling her that was good, but to not overdue it.  Don't tell anyone that you have credit cards, don't tell anyone about the loan she had gotten and damn sure don't let anyone use your credit cards.  I remember damn near begging her not to reveal her new found "credit status or luck" that had fallen into her lap. I had also warned her that she was retired and that she needed to be mindful of her spending habits because she was now living on a fixed income.  She kept telling me that everything was under control, that her and her friend that she had known over 40 years was being careful.  Why don't parents listen to their children, its beyond me, because everything I told her about what her friend would do, her friend of 40 years did to her.  I was so pissed off with her because not only did she not listen, she got mad when I told her of the errors she made.  Money is definitely the root of all evil and anytime a grown woman has grown children living with her, that's who she should be going to when she needs something, not your friend who is retired living on a fixed income who just re-establish her credit.  Of course that same friend don't want to pay, and now she is stuck.  Parents just because you are older, sometimes you have to listen to your children.  Now I must find a way to help her with her finances some kind of way, I know she better not ever be friends with that Kitty lady again.  I really hope Kitty is an old memory and I hope she never speaks her name again. I really dislike people who are users and tend to take advantage of people.

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  1. I think anyone would be upset ! Alot of people do believe they have everything under control, it's just a matter of negative things other people can send your way Smh. Love the post tho, veryrelatable !