Friday, April 24, 2015

What Would You Do?

Lately I've been pondering the thought of what would one do regarding certain scenarios. Like for instance, what would you do, if one friend came to you and said she thinks another of your friends wanted your husband or boyfriend.  What would you do?  What would you say?  How would you confront that friend or would you bring both friends together?  How about if your friend stopped talking to you and you didn't know why?  What would you do?  Would you care? What if it was something stupid like, you didn't show up for her child's birthday party or you came to the party and you didn't bring a gift? Or maybe you were the maid of honor at her wedding but you didn't give her a bridal shower, but you were there every time she needed you.  What if you tried to give her a bridal shower but what you were planning to do, just didn't come to fruition?  Why do people let things bother them that their friends or family do to them without telling them what they did?  What if you find out that you did "something" to your friend subconsciously years later and that was why you haven't spoken to that friend in years?  Could you ever repair that friendship?  What if you allowed your friend to use your credit cards and he/she refused to pay?  What would you do to get the money that you are owed?  I can honestly say that a few of these things has happened to me with more than one person that I thought of as a sister-friend. All I can really say is that I was hurt, my spirit was broken and I realized that these friendships could never be repaired.  In some of the scenarios, we did talk, but I couldn't get pass that someone I truly loved like a sister couldn't come to me and have a heart-to-heart.  It showed me that the trust and admiration that  I had for them, they didn't have the same for me.  I didn't and wasn't going to allow myself to be subjected to accusations of wanting to sleep with my friend's boyfriend, a man who was in fact cheating, just not with me.  The irony of her accusing me of wanting her boyfriend because a mutual friend that was jealous of our blossoming friendship, was the next day I saw him leave his house in the morning with another female.  Did I tell her, no let her find out on her own, because again I did not want to be subjected with the b.s we women tend to throw around when we confront our men about their cheating ways. Don't get me wrong I miss the friendships that I had with both, but I know in my heart the friendship could never be the same again.  If my friend got to question my "alleged" desire for her boyfriend or her husband something that she herself never witnessed, there's no need for us to be friends.  If my friend can't come to me when she think I've done her wrong, then what kind of friendship do we share?  I rather hold on to the memories when we were good friends and let us just part ways.  I can't be friends with someone who questions my loyalty and I can't be friends that can't communicate with me when we have unresolved issues.  It's better that we break the links that once held us together. Now tell me what would you do?


  1. It's amazing the people we trust and love so dearly are the ones that hurts us the most. Excellent Post Annette

  2. HI Annette, doing good. Trying tt finish my story and move on to the next. So enjoy your stories :)