Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Baddest, She Is

For as long as I can remember, reading has been my ultimate pastime.  Give me a good book and that's it.  I remember being a little girl wanting to read all the time. Once my mom allowed me to go to the library by myself, that's where you would always find me.  During those days, Judy Blume and Beverly Clearly ruled the literary world for children I don't really remember any African American authors for children I just remember that there weren't any that were writing books at all, like there is today.   Back then there was RIF (Reading Is Fundamental) where you earned the chance to get a free book every Thursday, I believe.  I remember always looking forward to Thursdays.  I have to be honest I like, street novels, they are actually my favorite and I always feel like the story lines are relatable to my childhood in some kind of way.  Nisa Santiago, is the business.  I don't know where she came from, but she is pentastic. She is an incredible writer and I always look forward to reading her latest work.  I just finished Face-Of, part four to Bad Apple and I could not put it down. She never disappoints.  I hope one day I get a chance and write the story that I want to.


  1. I was a big book reader for a time, then I got a laptop. Me personal always enjoyed detective stories. Big fan if James Patterson, I have about 30 of his books. Loved the Alex Cross line. Also love Catherine Coulter and her FBI stories. Funny I do remember going to the library with my mother, she was a big reader. I wasn't as a young girl but got that way as I got older. Thanks for reminding me. Love the read Annette.

  2. thanks Lois hope all is going well with you